Our Offerings


Our extensive experience in scriptwriting extends from stage plays to tv scripts. From original content to co-authoring long form tv shows, we offer our expertise from a variety of genres from info-ed , comedy, drama and more.


From social media campaign posts to coffetable books to TV pitch proposals, we have lent our keen eye and knack for creative writing in many projects. If you are having a problem putting your ideas to paper, give us a call.

TV Programs

Our original content currently plys over 92 countries through international tv channels like Zee TV and Sony Music. We originate, plan and execute all our projects in house. We continually strive to push the bounds of production and concept in all our programs.

Production Support

We offer our skilled team of technicians and equipment to support any of your productions. Large or small, our ever expanding in house inventory of equipment will serve your needs without compromising quality.

Film Production

Hollywood is a pipeline dream for almost everyone in the industry. We would love to join your journey to the red carpet. We help bolster and spear head any aspect of film production. From conceptualisation, pre visualisation, technical blocking/rehearsal to actual production. We aim to please.

Studio Rental

Our current studio boasts a spacious 900 sqft area for both video and photo projects, complete with various lights and props. But we know the overheads of production, so we offer one of the lowest rates for studio rental in town. And as an added bonus, our staff on hand will be more than happy to help you if you need help.

Event Coverage

We have been the media partner of choice for many prestigious events and ceremonies. ASME LKY tribute, MMBC 2015, SNI WEEK 2017, TechInAsia 2016 are just some of the events we captured. We take the headache of media planning away from you. We plan, schedule, coordinate and execute all media requirements from Vox Pop Interviews, Sensitive Meetings, Conferences, Large stage events and many more.

Corporate Videos

Let us speak your mind. We want to bring your vision for your organisation to screen. Be it in the form of a TVC or a social media video, we will help you craft your messaging and capture your company in action. We are well versed in quick turnaround interviews and on site filming.

Aerial Filming

Value add to your production through our aerial capture partners. Talk with us to get a clearer understanding on the spots to film as well as the permits to obtain. We also film at our neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.


Our Photography team comprises of a mix of freelancers as well as full time staff, so you can be rest assured you get the correct person with the correct skillset for the job. We have done portraiture work for government offices as well as landscape photography for clients like NParks.

Live Events

We have in house capabilities to capture your live event and screen it onto available screens or even livecast it on the internet. We offer live cutting services complete with motion graphics and facilities to include live host links. Each event is different so contact us with your idea and we will advise you accordingly.

Set Design

We extensively use custom made sets in our programs, now we would like to offer our ideas and resources in set designs for shoots ranging from live dramas to TV studio shows. We also offer green screen services.